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11am – 7pm Tuesday – Saturday (Closed Sunday and Monday)

Welcome to Wave Hounds Surf Shop in Seattle, Washington!
We have everything you need to surf in the Pacific Northwest or to travel in search of the endless summer! Whether you are a seasoned surfer or interested in learning how to surf, you’ll find friendly service and equipment to suit your needs and budget at Wave Hounds.
Such as:

Fins (unless steering your board doesn’t appeal to you)

Surf Wax (keeps your feet on your board and not in the air…although it IS funny to the rest of us)

Traction Pads (optional but really helps in your turns)

Leashes (in case you don’t want to swim after your board when you wipe out…and you will)

Racks, Straps and Pads (unless you drive a large enough vehicle to chuck everything in the back)

Board Bags (again, optional, but you just got a brand new surfboard…you want to protect it from dings that happen out of the water, right?)
and, of course, hoods, booties, gloves, etc.
Which brings us to surf care products:

Ding Repair Kits (nothing makes you feel like a surfer than when you’re repairing your own dings)

Wax Combs and Remover (got wax? want to get it off for a fresh coat?)

Wetsuit Shampoo and Enzyme (keep it clean, it’ll last longer…’specially the booties)

Wetsuit Repair Kits (it happens…)
Basically, even if you’re already geared up for a weekend session, we have the goods to keep you going.

Wear & Stuff

First, and foremost, we’re a brick-and-mortar surf shop specializing in gearing you up with everything you need to ride the wave. But not only do we have what’s needed to enjoy some surf sessions, we also carry a limited number of In Store Only items for your time out of the water. Even skateboards!
We have items for your time at the beach:

Sun Care

Ear Plugs


Skimboards & more.

Grab a book or surf magazine and immerse yourself while waiting for swell. Or watch one of our many surf DVDs at home to get your stoke revving for the next trip.
And for apparel, we have a selection of surfwear for the beach and everyday:




T-shirts & Tops

Hats, Footwear, Sunglasses, & Accessories
Carrying such brands as:






Ocean Minded

Santa Cruz

our own WaveHounds brand & many more!
Come by the store to see what we have available or, if you just want to ask a quick question about our inventory, feel free to contact us.